Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hectic Schedules - no photos

Once again it has been awhile since I posted a blog. We are finishing up the semester with Craig taking oodles of trips and me staying home with the kiddos. Thankfully the weather is beautiful and I have been given a 'thumbs-up' to buy plants and play in the yard! The kids have been helpful in planting and digging as well! Calvin and Craig went on a cub scout camp-out last weekend and really enjoyed it. Calvin got to fish and ride his bike with the other boys. Lydia and I played in the yard and did the usual homemaking things (clean!). My semester is slowing down, thankfully. I have some stuff to turn in and complete for my class, but not as bad as before. The grant is going well and Craig and I seem to make a fine team! It is actually working out for us to work together! Who would have thought???? Of course many other happenings, but I won't go into detail. I just love this time of year with the flowers, beautiful weather and new little baby animals all over! Speaking of babies - you should see our church! We are full of pregnant women with babies being due all the time!!!! It is so cute! Lydia loves it - she loves the fat babies and the little fingers and toes! She actually was hugging a swing seat today saying it was her baby - pretty funny! Enough rambling - thanks for reading!