Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleep Walking Once Again

No pictures for this one, but I have to post this!
Craig was gone this evening when I put the kids to bed and once he came in I told him Calvin wanted to see him, as he had already been up to check and see if Daddy had gotten home. Craig went into his room and Craig kind of "woke up" Calvin. Calvin then said
I want to call Daddy, I want to say hi to him.
Craig said,
OK, you can call Daddy.
So Craig walked Calvin out to the den and told me he wanted to call Daddy. I said sure, dialed Craig's cell number and gave it to Calvin. Calvin sat on the couch waiting for Daddy to answer. Standing about a 6 feet way from Calvin, Craig answered his cell phone. Calvin still was sitting there in a daze when Craig answered. Calvin then said "Hi Daddy" and when Craig said "Hi Calvin" Calvin must of woken up at that point because he looked up really confused and surprised to see Craig standing in front of him. We just started laughing then which I am sure kind of startled him more. He basically woke up then kind of laughing and amazed at how he didn't realize Craig was Daddy.... This isn't a strange occurrence for Calvin, as he sometimes has very funny sleep walking experiences. We always get a good laugh out of it! Hope you did too.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Pinewood Derby

This is the first year Calvin has participated in cubscouts. As a result, we got to experience the thrill of pinewood derby racing! Calvin made a car and so did Lydia, who is considered a "me too". Of course they didn't do this alone. Craig's dad is really great with woodworking and took on the project. Thank you Grandpa! We had a great time racing and Craig's parents were able to attend.

Calvin's car came in first place twice and second place twice, which qualified him for the finals. However, the cars in the finals were very fast and Calvin didn't win. There were about 15 or so cars in his group, which made it harder for him to win. He did have a great car and really had a great time.

In the "me too" group there were only 4 cars. Three of the cars had the same shape - a block of cheese (triangular shaped). Her's was the only car with a different shape so I guess that is why she won best in show for her class. She also won first place out of the four cars each time, allowing her to win best in speed in her class. She was so proud. She now has two trophies.

Both kids got a blue ribbon for doing their best, along with the other entries and they also both won a t-shirt in a drawing. Next year Mommy is going to enter!!! They have an adult section too. We are already planning for next year!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

We are Baaaaaaaaack!

Well, as usual I have started something and have not kept it up! As you see it has been awhile since my last blog. Instead of waiting to get the time to add pictures, I have opted to just give you an update!

Our semester has started once again. Calvin is doing well in school and is in cub scouts now. He really enjoys that! He also is now in a golf clinic for kids on Saturdays. Of course he continues to love Star Wars, Lego Star Wars PS2 games, Lego Star Wars for his Gameboy, and he also is creating his own mini Lego Star Wars Movie.

Lydia continues to love going to preschool at Discovery Days twice a week. However, she seems to be fixated on two boys hitting her. I think this has happend once with each boy, but she brings it up often! I just tell her they love her and don't know how to say they are mad. That satisfies her for the time being. Lydia also is enjoying her Polly Pockets and babies! However, right now she insists she wants a baby brother! I don't think that will happen though. She just needs to enjoy our friends' babies. There will be an abundance of those around here soon. Something is in the water!

Craig has started his 3 yr grant working with drug abusing adolescents. The kids enter through Montgomery County Juv. Probation and then are randomized to two different treatments. He has students at SHSU helping, MCJP, Phoenix House, and myself! I was hired as his project coordinator. We are actually enjoying working together! Who would have thought?

I am taking just one class right now at SHSU but that is enough for me. I am finishing up some research from last semester, starting to work on my thesis, helping Craig part-time, and being a mommy. It will take an adjustment to juggle all this. As soon as I think things will slow down they pick back up again.

Last, Craig and I recently celebrated 14 years of marriage in December and I turned 38! Notice I didn't celebrate that. However, it didn't keep me from eating cake!!

My next post WILL include pictures, as I have just bought a new camera with my Christmas money. It will take some time adjusting to it, but it is fun practicing.

Anyway, this really turned out to be a long letter. Hope you enjoyed your update in our busy lives!