Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Activites

I'm writing this as I wait to take Calvin to piano. Calvin is inside playing legos and Lydia is running around in the backyard. It is so nice outside right now! Calvin loves it! He just started at the end of August and is enjoying new songs and playing duets with his Mimi (my mom). He is also busier and more motivated this year in Boy Scouts. He advanced to a new rank (Tenderfoot) and is working on another merit badge. Calvin and Craig have a 10 mile hike and campout this weekend at Hunstville State Park. Calvin isn't actually excited since he is still holding onto a cough, but I think with Craig going it will encourage him.

While they are gone, Lydia and I will make her halloween costume. She is going to be a paperdoll! Very cute idea from Family Fun! I'm not sure what else we will do - maybe work on her bike riding skills, as they need some work!

Another big thing going on now is the planning for our next vacation - Disney World! Wow, I never knew planning could be this detailed! But thanks to some websites, friends, family, and apps I think I have a good idea of how it all works. I will keep you posted on that as it progresses!

Before I close - I just got word that my brother passed his playing ability test (PAT) to restart his career as a Golf Professional. He was an Assistant Golf Professional at one time, but switched careers. He is thinking of going back to that and this was his first step towards it. So I had to send a praise about that!

Well - time to go take Calvin to piano! See you later!

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